Valentine's Day with Spodee Wine

February 11, 2015

I've never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day.  John's off the hook, and dinner dates are frequent enough we don't feel the need to spend money on chocolates and stuffed animals.  I don't have anything against the holiday, it's just never peaked my interest...until now.  With Spodee Wine, Valentine's Day is all about sending love in the form of a tasty cocktail.  This year, I'm keeping things festive with two different drinks.  The Date Night is fizzy, fruity, and deceptively boozy...perfect for a night in with the girls.  Spodee Bee Sting adds even more moonshine to a simple blend of lemon juice, tea, and honey.  See recipes below.

Spodee Bee Sting

2 parts Spodee White
2 parts fresh lemon juice
1 part moonshine
1 part unsweetened tea
1 part honey
Lemon slice, to garnish

In an ice-filled cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients except for the lemon slice. Shake to combine, then strain into a tall glass with ice and garnish with lemon. 

Date Night 

1 part Spodee Red
1 part pomegranate juice
1 part champagne

Combine Spodee and pomegranate juice in champagne flute, top with champagne and garnish with a few raspberries.

I've got lots of love for Spodee Wine.  Read about my very first sip by clicking here, and take a peek inside my Holiday Party featuring Spodee by clicking here.

Where can you buy Spodee in Nashville?  Midtown Wine & Spirits and Firehouse Liquors.  Please enjoy responsibly.