72 Hours in Nashville, Indiana

When all of your girls are spread across the entire world, you can't let busy schedules, scheduling conflicts or even oceans keep you apart. This holiday season, I met my best girls in the only location equidistant from each of our current locations: Nashville, Indiana. Hidden inside this tiny Brown County town is the Silver Moon Lake Retreat. We found ourselves relaxing in a quaint little apartment overlooking a five acre pond.

Nautical-inspired with a charming fireplace, our temporary abode was the perfect escape. We snuggled up with glasses of wine and cheap champagne, shutting ourselves away from the world for a few days. We cooked brunch for one another, munched on authentic Italian lasagna, refused to wear makeup or pants, slept in too late, definitely stayed up too late, and may or may not have had a tiny food fight in our slippers. Our only weekend visitors were owner CJ graciously delivering homemade cranberry bread, Luna the cat, and a mama doe with her baby fawn. The four of us left the weekend feeling rejuvenated and at peace. 

We emerged for only a moment to visit the tiny downtown area of Nashville. Decorated like a Christmas Village, the streets were filled with cheerful families and elderly explorers, complete with horse drawn carriages. Ice cream parlors and hand-blown glass boutiques line the sidewalks, and we found ourselves lingering past closing time in The Wild OliveI chose a couple lavender and charcoal soap bars from Twisted Wick, a husband & wife handmade candle & soap business, to bring home. What a delightful little town.

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