Whitehaven, England

Owl stare downs at the World Owl Center, silent moments in the haunted Muncaster Castle, and medieval feasts. Singing with harp players and piano jockeys, sailing back and forth from the ship to shore. Street festivals, made-to-eat hot dogs, taxi drivers, and sheep-covered hillsides. Strawberry sugar tarts, tendor rides, and swimming bike racks made for boats. Tom Foolery's tree, little boys screaming in the stocks, and blanket-covered nights on Bali beds with new friends. Locks and docks and fuzzy pups. An ancient library that goes on for days. Baby owlets begging for attention and minstrel orchestras. Just the smell of Whitehaven alone makes your ringlets return. A few beautiful days in a tiny ocean-side town dips your mind back into the sea and leaves your ability to create thoughts behind.