Liverpool, England

Liverbirds and graffiti scraps, technicolor coffee shops and Castle Street festivals. Helter skelter children slides and bubble pop electric bows in every shoe and color. Luxury at its finest. Nights at Lloyd's and Modo, banana lamps and pigeon love. The yellow duckmarine, Albert Dock, and the revolution. Stumbling across the Tate Museum featuring Picasso: Peace+Freedom and DLA Piper series: This Is A Sculpture. Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, the condition of a woman, and castration from a little killing machine. Liverpool Cathedral, and our very own ratatat Banksy. Getting lost between silent streets with nothing but the echo of bouncing ball. George’s first guitar. Beginner Beatles drums. Posters, charts, records, Beatles pantyhose, lunchboxes, and certificates. Abbey Road recording tapes, George’s amp, John's mohair suit, and screaming girls. Airport seats ripped from their cabin, the Eleanor Rigby grave, contracts and signatures and glasses.