Dublin, Ireland

Dublin was filled with days of colorful doors and uneven ground, brilliant moments in and out of Fitz Simon's rooftop, evenings at The National Gallery and ballrooms with opera-singing waiters. Aga Khan Horse show-jumping events with equestrian markets, Caravaggio's "Taking of the Christ." A private Riverdance performance, big hats and bag pipes. Cranberry trees and scribbling on bridges. Flatbread pizzas and apple smoothies, feeding the leftovers to king swans. Marble slabs made for outdoor napping and sparkling boxes made for nothing but peeking. Bali bed adventures at 4am to the sounds of ship yard clanking, boat horns, and seagull calls. Screaming horses, leather backpacks, and warped mirrors.

Grafton Street shopping, more nights on the Bali beds, and floral gardens. Street performing showcasing sand sculpting, puppet dancing, singing Elton John, white faced monks, and lollipop vendors. Harp players and artists sketching murals on the sidewalk. Taxi rides and three course meals. Traditional 3-piece Irish band and tiny little dancers. A tugboat out to sea to finish.