Vintage Sheepskin Coat

Yesterday, I went running around East Nashville with my sister. For a quick photo shoot, my sister begrudgingly allowed me throw on her fabulous vintage sheepskin coat. She's actually the best and has a seriously amazing closet. Once I returned her coat and warmth, I realized I've got to start dressing smarter for winter. I do this every year. I think a measly sweater will keep me warm when it's 40 degrees and don't think about wearing my winter clothing until New Year's Day. This year, I refuse to allow myself to procrastinate. Engaging gloves, hats, scarves, actual winter! And in the future, I vow to be smart, not freezing. I will remember to wear gloves...I will remember to wear gloves...I will remember to wear gloves...

Photography by Cat Acree

COAT Vintage | SKIRT Anthropologie | SWEATER China | SUNNIES Nasty Gal | SHOES Jeffrey Campbell