Two-Tone Moto Jacket

I have always loved the idea of mixing leather with a softer material, balancing the harsh with the refined.  The Potter's Pot Turntables Two-Tone Black Moto Jacket, courtesy of the lovely people at LuLu's, is a perfect example of this balance.  With the traditional shape of a motorcycle jacket, diagonal zipper, and vegan leather bodice, this jacket takes on all the responsibilities of the typical rocker look.  Add fabric sleeves with a mixed pattern of white, black, and gold, and you've got a casual, softer look for day-to-day runarounds.  The Moto Jacket is perfectly designed for throwing with jeans and transforming a simple look from boring to chic in less than a second.  Every closet should have a jacket with these features, capable of working with all different styles and looks.  LuLu's carries a wide variety of this exact type of clothing.  Head over to their website and take a look around...they'll probably have the perfect version of the missing wardrobe piece you've been searching for all season.  More from me soon, and more LuLu's to come!

Photography by Ashley Sanfino

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