Rocksbox: Robinson R44

Thanks to the sweet people at Rocksbox, I now have a personal jewelry stylist in my mailbox. After taking a quick survey and choosing a few of my favorite featured pieces, three bits of beautiful designer jewelry appeared in a ribbon-wrapped box to my little Nashville home. Each item was hand-picked to fit my style aesthetic, and I can wear the jewelry as long as I want. When I'm ready, the items are returned to Rocksbox, or I can purchase any piece at 20% off retail price. I receive as many boxes a month as I'd like, requests for specific pieces are accepted, and even if I happen to break an item, no problem. Click here to learn more about how it works, and click here to become a member. My current favorite item is the House of Harlow 1960 stud earrings. Worn for a casual Sunday photo shoot with a Robinson R44 Helicopter (Ha! Is this real life?), they're the perfect compliment to windblown hair and an epic helipad moment. For more Rocksbox moments, stay tuned!

Photography by Codey Lee | Makeup by Caitlin Eve

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