Pink Suede Booties

I'm taking this tiny moment to send a giant virtual hug to every single one of you. This was a year of transformation. It came as a surprise, but newfound heartstrings have taken root and supplied a strength I didn't I had. The adventures, the changes, the trips, the lessons, and the abundance of love has been humbling and much appreciated. I am reminded every single day how lucky I am to have such supportive followers, loving family, and to call Nashville my home. I never knew this life existed within my own. I'm forever grateful to those who have shown me the true potential of each waking moment. Here's to more adventures. Here's to open-hearted, never quieted, genuine happiness. And as always, thank you for your ongoing support. Here's to you.

Photography by Cat Acree

BOOTS ZARA (Available Here) | SKIRT Naked Wardrobe | TOP Thrifted | BAG UO