Mixing Summer Lace

Mixing white and layering lace are two forms of styling I use on an almost daily basis.  In the summer, minimal clothing weight diminishes melting and sweltering in the heat, but with lace, a look can be layered and still breezy.  Although I see no harm in mixing different lace textiles, I do see the importance of proportion.  Whether your pieces are lace, eyelet, or just moth-eaten and covered in holes, it is trivial to know how each piece adds shape or volume to your body.  Obviously, as shown above, a voluminous top should be paired with a tailored bottom.  Or vice versa.  Mirrors are your best friend.  Do a twirl and analyze all angles of a look, ensuring your frame isn't swimming in a tidal wave of eyelet and lace fabric.  Lace can sometimes be perceived as stuffy, so by choosing chic pieces and using a careful eye when pairing them together, an all lace look can be modernized and effortless.

Photography by Ashley Sanfino

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