Lady Bird

As a blogger, it's our personal responsibility to hold ourselves to a higher standard. In an effort to practice what I've been preaching, I'm going the extra mile. I've been deleting every single bookmarked shopping website and saving only those with ethically sourced materials and/or made in the USA/Nashville, Tennessee. There's a giant folder of my favorite Nashville designers and boutiques, but sometimes, you just need a simple white button-down. I want to make sure I'll be purchasing a shirt that's made ethically and lacks any resemblance of poor fast fashion.

As I take these steps, I realize I can't just start fresh and donate all my old clothes. That only adds to the problem of waste. From now on, I'll be sure to mark an un-ethically sourced item in my source line at the bottom of each post, stating when it was purchased. In the meantime, I will begin to transform my closet. Slowly but surely over the next year, my daily wear will completely transform to a locally-sourced and ethically-sourced wardrobe. Are you pushing your industry in a positive forward motion?

John Branam Photography

JUMPSUIT Pylo - Made in the USA | TOP Free People* | EARRINGS c/o Margaret Ellis Jewelry - Nashville | BAG Cornflower c/o Coach*

*Purchased or provided by sponsor prior to March 2016