Koa Wooden Ring

Wooden rings are easily found in flea markets, open air boutiques, and festivals. But, what the buyer doesn't realize is how delicate a wood ring can be. Without the necessary combination with a sturdy second element, a wood ring will not stand the test of time. As someone who loves the impression left by subtle jewelry, I jumped at the chance to wear one of Altin Place's timelessly crafted wooden rings. Altin Place lines genuine Hawaiian Koa wood with medical grade titanium, ensuring a long-lasting piece and a refreshing balance of natural and industrial elements. Other versions include diamonds and more embellishments, but I adored the simple beauty of the Wide Koa Wood Ring, hosting the widest strip of Koa wood available for rings. Absolutely stunning...Thank you so much, Alex Kurtz and Altin Place. More from me soon!

Zipporah Photography

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