One of my favorite companies in Nashville is FASHIONABLE. This company sees past the necessary needs for charity: food, water, medical care, clothing, housing, etc. They continue the search for a solution to poverty by creating jobs for those lacking opportunity and focusing strongly on the power of women.  By changing the charitable wheel that so many non-profit businesses contribute towards, FASHIONABLE is creating opportunity. By purchasing goods for those in poverty, businesses can grow and employ more, moving closer to a solution and end to generational poverty. Click here to see how FASHIONABLE measures impact.

Why specifically women? "Through much study and understanding of the social sciences, those in the development world understand that giving a woman a job leads to a much stronger benefit to a family than when given to a man. We also understand that in the developing world the disparity between women and men’s wages are extreme, and in women’s ownership of land the disparity is even greater. FASHIONABLE’s focus on working with women comes from this understanding, and our own growth and education continues in us learning how to do this the best way possible." Click here to learn more.

Each FASHIONABLE product is named after one of the heroic women they work with. The Mamuye Tote is crafted in Ethiopia with 100% genuine distressed leather and is one puzzle piece in an ever-changing project to make positive changes for those who lack quality opportunity. FASHIONABLE also sells jewelry, scarves, home goods and more. Click here to shop!

John Branam Photography