Cornelia Fort Airpark

Bright and early on a Sunday morning, my nose was running and eyes watering. Shayne sent me an address for Cornelia Fort Airpark, and I didn't think twice. All I heard was "abandoned airport" and agreed immediately. Always searching for a new adventure, a hidden location, or a beautiful form of inspiration, temporary sickness couldn't keep me from grabbing the fluffiest dress in my closet, running my fingers through messy bedhead, and racing through East Nashville in search of the perfect morning light. I'm glad to have finally visited this magical greenspace. Nature has taken claim, and although the runway still stands, the view of these 1,300 acres is breathtaking. I'm thankful for this city and those willing to explore it. More from me soon!

Photography by Shayne Garcia

DRESS c/o Poetrie | NECKLACE Anthropologie | BAG c/o LuLu*s | WATCH Michael Kors | SHOES ZARA