BRIWOK + The Line by K

There's something to be said for dynamic pieces with bang for your buck. The Briwok Desert Highway Bodychain is my new favorite bauble. With drop-back wolf tooth detailing, it's effortless with a simple boyfriend blazer and will usher perfectly into bikini season. Antique brass styles perfectly with my regular mix of Consider the Wldflwrs necklaces: The Forget-Me-Not and The Block. Briwok has such a variety of interesting pieces with unexpected placement and unique details. I always get excited to find a new company producing inspiring handmade goods.

My other latest obsession? Anything from favorite fantasy blogger Karla Deras' new clothing line...The Line by K. The Carmen Pants are high-waisted with an exaggerated flared silhouette. I've been pairing them with chunky cropped knits and American Apparel lace bodysuits. The Line by K keeps releasing beautiful collections, one after another. So in love.

BODYCHAIN Desert Highway Bodychain c/o Briwok | PANTS The Line by K | BLAZER Thrifted | NECKLACE Consider the Wildflowers | FUR Free People | RINGS Free People | BOOTIES Chinese Laundry c/o Off Broadway