Nisolo's First Jewelry Collection

October 13, 2015

I'm so excited to partner with Nisolo for the launch of their very first jewelry collection. With elegant designs handmade in Kenya, Nisolo is extending its social impact through the creation and distribution of a new branch of the already charitable brand. As of this morning, they officially launched their Kickstarter project. By participating, you're creating opportunities for artisans in Kenya and assisting in the launch of another inspired addition to the Nashville fashion community. To celebrate one of our favorite brands in Nashville, John and I wanted to showcase a few pieces from the collection in one of our favorite locations in Nashville: 1,000 feet up in the air. Enjoy a peek at the designs below.

John Branam Photography

Click here to support the Nisolo Kickstarter.

NECKLACE Jopin by Nisolo | BRACELET Mini Rex by Nisolo | RING (small) Plane by Nisolo | RING (large) Thick Hammered by Nisolo | JEANS Joe's Jeans c/o ShopBop | TSHIRT imogene + willie | JACKET c/o Naked Wardrobe | SUNNIES Ray-Ban c/o ShopBop | BELT Nasty Gal | SHOES Chinese Laundry c/o Off Broadway Shoes ***On Sale!!***