Local Focus: Stacey Rhodes Boutique

August 25, 2014

If you've attended any Nashville fashion event, you've probably met a beautiful, spirited woman spreading joy and laughter. Her name is Stacey Rhodes, and in 2002, she opened her own boutique in a small location on Elliston Place in Nashville. After outgrowing a number of locations, the Stacey Rhodes Boutique has settled into a beautiful main street location on Franklin Road, a few minutes south of central Nashville. I loved having the chance to run around her store with Alden Allen. Love you, Stacey! Enjoy some of my favorite looks from this inspiring local boutique.

With an education in interior design from Nashville's own O'More College of Design, Stacey is inspired by artisan craftsmanship and architecture. Her eye for emerging designers with organic talent is evident in every corner of her boutique. She finds a cutting edge jewelry line or budding designer in the Nashville fashion community and shares them with her customers with the help of a skilled team of wardrobe stylists. Pulling looks for the shoot, I found myself styling pieces in almost the same manner as the boutique's mannequins. This is a testament to the keen eye of Stacey and her knowledgeable staff. Always buying one or two seasons ahead, the inventory available is curated over several trips to various trade shows throughout the year. Every line is meant to compliment the next, and every look created from the SRB racks is genuinely special.

Thoughtfully & Lovingly Curated.

Stacey Rhodes Boutique has continued to grow, year after year. When asked what she hopes for the future of the store, Stacey stated, "My hope is to always keep evolving and finding the best fashion and designers for our customers. I always want to stay true to our customer’s expectations that we will bring them the very best." With such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, her boutique never disappoints. Every shopping trip to SRB brings light to an emerging designer, an edgy necklace to drool over, or a new collection of Ceri Hoover purses to try with every pair of jeans in the store. It's not hard to have fun when playing dress-up is strongly encouraged.

Video/Photography by Alden Allen.

Stacey Rhodes Boutique houses such an inspiring mix of classic styles and unique accents. Follow SRB on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for instant updates of upcoming trunk shows and new inventory. Thank you to Alden Allen for documenting the shoot, and a huge thank you to Stacey and the entire SRB team for letting me spend a rainy Saturday afternoon in the boutique. I had so much fun, and I'm still dreaming about that Mark Edge necklace. Swoon.