Local Focus: Sisters of Nature

October 5, 2015

A peek at Nashville's own Sisters of Nature has been long overdue.  It's rare when I resonate with a brand on so many levels, but founder Kimberly Parker has created a company with not only strong roots in Nashville's fashion community, but also love, creativity, and social responsibility. She appreciates the story behind a product: how it's made, why it's made, who made it. That's an idea that has kept Caroline Margaret Studio alive all these years. With such a blossoming storefront in East Nashville, I wanted to embrace the Sisters of Nature mentality and take this Local Focus into the most natural and positive place I could find. John and I climbed through untouched woods and mossy rock gardens to snap a few looks that perfectly showcase this local gem's curated fashion story. Enjoy a short Q&A with Kimberly Parker below.

John Branam Photography

C: Tell me about the history of Sisters of Nature.

K: I first started Sisters of Nature in 2012 as a creative outlet for my own designs. As I met so many creatives along the way, the brand has grown from pop-ups of just my work to a mobile boutique to now a brick & mortar of curated collections of over 100 beautiful brands, designers, and artisans. 

C: Where does your brand inspiration come from?

K: My biggest inspiration comes from nature, naturally. I feel most free, uninhibited, and full of life when I'm just out exploring and soaking it all in. Each collection in the store is inspired by different parts of nature: desert, forest, field and sea. 

C: What is your hope for the success of Sisters of Nature?

I would love to see it continue to grow and thrive, maybe open another location and for our in store's private label to get off the ground. 

C: What has been your favorite part of being located in Nashville's fashion community?

K: Nashville's fashion community is incredibly supportive and great place to grow a business. Everyone has this vibe of collaboration for the greater good of Nashville. We're just all so excited about its growth that we all work together and encourage each other. It's really an amazing thing to be a part of, and I am grateful each and everyday to be a part of it. 

C: Any exciting upcoming plans for the brand?

K: The most exciting thing I'm working on is designing our private label clothing line. It will be completely designed and made right here in Nashville. We'll also be working with Nashville's incredibly talented refugee community for all the hand embroidery on our pieces. So many of the women come here with incredible talents in hand weaving and embroidery techniques passed down from generations, and I cannot wait to work with them!

John Branam Photography

Look #1: CARDIGAN Sloane Rouge | DRESS Sloane Rouge | NECKLACE Wild Columbine | PURSE Coriumi | SHOES Charles by Charles David

Look #2: DRESS People Like Art | PURSE Joyn | SHOES Zara

Look #3: DRESS Glam | DRESS Honey Punch | PURSE FashionABLE | NECKLACE Consider The Wildflowers | SHOES Ariat