Local Focus: Nora Catherine Jewelry

July 7, 2014

I first discovered Nora Catherine Jewelry while watching Johnathan Kayne's glamorous models stomp down the final evening's runway at Nashville Fashion Week 2014. Every piece was extremely unique, obviously handcrafted, and made with utmost care. Now that I've met the beautiful and talented designer behind these pieces, the jewelry's passion and vibrancy mirrors the woman behind the design. Enjoy some of my favorite pieces from Nora Catherine's latest collection, as well as a few archive gems.

Nora Catherine Jewelry was first distributed among consignment boutiques in Portland, Oregon in 2006. After opening a successful Etsy shop in 2010 and sending her designs to a variety of nationwide customers, Nora moved her business to Nashville to make the most of our thriving economy. We're glad to have you, Nora! Recent collaborations with local designers have allowed for continuous success, including her upcoming participation in Etsy's wholesale program in August of 2014.

When asked about her sources of inspiration, Nora explained, "The world and nature around me is a continual inspiration. In my daily comings and goings, I notice sunsets, a unique stone, a leaf pattern, lush colors, and textures..." This comes as no surprise, since each piece is more unique than the next. With such a wide range of hammered metals and beaded textures, Nora's jewelry is made to stand alone. Every pair of earrings and each necklace is a statement in itself, and her affinity for nature and the vibrancy in everyday life is evident in her various collections.

Photography by Alden Allen | Makeup by Caitlin Eve

Go ahead and prepare yourself to see more from Nora Catherine Jewelry in the near future. Nora's plans to grow her company include giving back to philanthropic organizations, creating living wage jobs in the greater Nashville area, and raising awareness about Autism in Nashville's community. She's truly an inspiration, and I'm so glad she brought her company and beautiful ambitions to our corner of the South. Thank you so much to Nora for sharing her design world with me. I had so much fun! Thank you to the always amazing Alden Allen for photographing the shoot. Be sure to follow Nora Catherine on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for all her latest updates.