Local Focus: Nobody's Buziness 

August 3, 2015

Designed and manufactured in the heart of Nashville, a new contemporary clothing line by the name of Nobody's Buziness has entered our local fashion scene.  Nobody's Buziness is a brand promoting women to wear exactly what they want and be exactly who they want without the need for anyone else's approval.  Designer Morgan Rogers is a knock-out with killer curves and an even deadlier brain.  She's already got big plans for her company, and I was honored to sit on the porch of Crema with her during the sunlit evening hours and discuss her place in the Nashville fashion community.  Expect big things from Morgan Rogers and Nobody's Buziness.  Enjoy a short Q&A with her below.

John Branam Photography

C: Let's talk Nobody's Buziness.  How did you get the ball rolling?

M: After years of dreaming of starting my own clothing line, it was a Bessie Smith song that pushed me to launch Nobody's Buziness this summer.  "Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do" is about being confident in your own choices.  This idea resonated with me and my style philosophy.  I believe you can wear whatever you want and be whoever you are.  Style is nobody's business but your own. 

C: Where does your inspiration come from?

M: I am inspired by rebellious women.  Women who have no boundaries and challenge what's "normal."  I am drawn to silhouettes from the 90's and the attitude and sex appeal of funk music. 

C: What is your hope for Nobody's Buziness?

M: My hope for the company is to continue to meet the women who inspire it.  I want my customers to know that being who you are is the coolest thing you can do.

C: What are your upcoming plans for the brand or future collections?

M: We launched Nobody's Buziness with swimwear, so I'm excited to show our customers another side of the brand with our fall collection.  We are staying true to our sexy/sporty aesthetic and integrating some fun bold prints. 

We will also be teaming up with Coast in October for their debut in Nashville and our first trade show.  It will be a fantastic way to meet other creatives and celebrate the wonderful community of trail blazers here in Nashville.