October 1, 2015

To be totally honest, I thought barre was for models, ballerinas, and people from Los Angeles.  I didn't know when I stepped into my first class on a rainy Saturday morning that it would become my new favorite workout.  I'm hooked.  Kelly, Owner of Neighborhood Barre and sweetest little lady you'll ever have a cup of coffee with, introduced me to the world of barre.  Our e-mail conversation quickly became a sunny afternoon at Pinewood Social, and now, I'm in the process of becoming a member at her studio.  Not only are her ideas about fitness inspiring, but she's creating a judge-free zone where bodies of all types can be transformed.  Any new workout is intimidating, even to someone who frequents the gym as much as me, but Kelly makes her classes fun, challenging, and surprisingly sweaty.  Twenty minutes into my first class, one tiny tuck made my muscles shake more than any gym has in a year.  Read a Q&A with Kelly below and join me at Neighborhood Barre!

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C: Tell me about your history with barre and Neighborhood Barre’s journey.

K: I was introduced to barre by attending class at the first ever Neighborhood Barre studio in Knoxville four years ago.  My mind was blown after that first class. Although I felt awkward in some poses and even a bit lost those first couple classes, I’d never been that sore from any form of exercise in my life. I knew I had to keep coming back.

After I had my daughter, my corporate career took a back seat to family, which was a role reversal for me pre-baby. I was burnt out in my current corporate job of traveling to produce Expo’s across the country and being in a very volatile media industry. My career felt like an exhausting, stressful roller coaster ride. I fell into a conversation with Katy, Neighborhood Barre founder, last summer about opening up a studio in Tennessee, and with my husband’s support we dove in head-first and opened up Neighborhood Barre Nashville in March!

C: Why do you love this specific type of workout?

K: I love this workout for so many reasons. Before barre, I was an inconsistent exerciser, loyal to no specific method and usually did DVD’s at home and maybe the occasional exercise machine at the gym. I felt like it was something I had to do to ‘not get fat’ and didn’t really enjoy myself. But barre wasn’t love at first sight for me. It was HARD. I felt lost and awkward at times in those first few classes. But I swallowed my pride because I had that ‘immediate gratification’ of sore muscles and knew my body was changing right off the bat, so I stuck with it. Once you develop a habit, the results will come. Most importantly I felt so much more confident with my body image, I felt healthy, strong and in-shape. What has also kept me coming back is the classes literally never get old, and your body never ‘tires’ of a routine here. The class exercises change daily, and your muscles never fully adjust to those moves. I still feel the burn in each class, no lie!

C: How do you find barre to positively influence your life?

K: Barre became an integral part of my life when I became pregnant with my daughter Nola. I’d always wanted to be healthy, but that took on a whole new meaning pre-and-post pregnancy. Barre is pregnancy and injury friendly with a few modifications due to its low-impact nature so I was still able to attend 5 – 6 classes throughout my pregnancy. I really stepped up my barre game during pregnancy because I wanted to be in the best shape I could by the time my baby arrived. When Nola arrived, I found I needed those classes more than ever. I needed to build back up my strength and tone up post-baby of course, and it was so nice to be able to find the time to get back to class by attending the classes with free child care when needed. Neighborhood Barre to me also provides the opportunity for women to really connect and share with each other. 

C: What is your hope for NB’s success?  

K: One of my biggest hopes is to create a sense of community in our studio for our clientele to share stories, motivate and support each other, become fast friends, and even hold each other accountable to getting to class. I have so enjoyed my three years at the Neighborhood Barre in Knoxville and how much it has shaped my life, and I hope to be able to provide the same opportunity to women here in Nashville. I want women to feel like they’re in the best shape of their life through barre classes at our studio, but I also want women to connect on a deeper level and be able to relate and make connections with their barre neighbors!

C: How do you want customers/Nashville to view your company?

K: I want Nashvillians to view us as a ‘southern hospitality’ studio that provides an incomparable booty burn. Although we are a boutique studio, we do not come with the boutique vibe, meaning there are no pretentions here - come as you are, do what you can, give each class all you’ve got, and make some friends along the way! We provide a seriously killer work out with real results, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

What's coming up next for Nashville's Neighborhood Barre? On October 15th, NB is celebrating their October fall challengers who committed to new 'stretch' goals of reaching 10, 15 or 20 classes in 30 days.  November 5th is Boys at the Barre Class and ALL MEN ATTEND FREE.  Kelly is always coming up with something new and exciting, and her plans for Neighborhood Barre will bring such a fitness movement to the Nashville area.  See you at the barre.


Get ONE WEEK of FREE UNLIMITED CLASSES at Neighborhood Barre.

Mention "CMS" to redeem! Click here to book or call (615) 454-3785. Offer ends 10/31.