Local Focus: Eric Adler

September 8, 2015

Blossoming within the Nashville fashion community is a tastemaker and menswear designer who refuses to be ignored.  Thanks to his eye-catching prints and attention to quality, Eric Adler is making a name for himself in the custom menswear industry.  Showing at Nashville Fashion Week year after year with standing ovations, Eric's bespoke tailoring, mysteriously masculine designs, and personal charm have ushered him into the front-running lineup of local designers.  Eric uses only the finest fabrics and notions, striving to make production 100% eco-friendly through conservation, waste reduction, and low impact garment materials.  Not to mention, Eric's entire team is extremely genuine and kind.  For this Local Focus feature, John and I completely switched sides.  I grabbed the camera and threw him in some of Eric's best designs, but little did I realize that I'd photograph one of my favorite editorial shoots to date.  Prepare to start drooling, ladies.  Enjoy a short Q&A with Nashville menswear designer Eric Adler below.

C: Tell me about your history as a designer.

E: I began as a tailor's apprentice working under Manuel in Nashville after being inspired to be a designer while living in Spain.  Manuel taught me the art of tailoring, sparked my creativity and encouraged me to start a menswear line of my own, which he knew was my passion.  I launched my design career at Nashville Fashion Week in 2014, started my own business in July 2014, and opened my first location in March 2015. 

C: Where does your design inspiration come from?

E: I have always been inspired by the wildly iconic looks that Manuel has created for elaborate individuals over the years, but also recently have been inspired by the work of Tom Ford and the late Tommy Nutter.

C: What is your hope for your brand?  How would you like to impact the industry in Nashville?

E: As a brand, I hope that Eric Adler will grow regionally, nationally and eventually, internationally.  I have long dreamed of taking my brand back to Spain where it was conceived.  Since I make menswear for the tastemaker, I want people who wear my clothing and view it as an expression of their individuality.  I hope that people come to understand Eric Adler and the term "tastefully bold" as synonymous.  I want the people of Nashville to view my work as inspiration to be better dressed more frequently and to be more daring when it comes to getting dressed.

C: Any exciting plans for upcoming collections?

E: I've got special plans to working with some artists.  Also, we are in the middle of developing some new products.  Look out for denim and more leather goods.