Local Focus: Eighth and Roast

May 27, 2013

I had the pleasure of spending my morning at a new local spot for those who appreciate the art of good coffee. Eighth and Roast is a craft coffee roaster on 8th Avenue South, with a specialized focus on small estate coffee farms. Each cup is a form of artistic expression, blooming from single cup brew methods. It's coffee science, ya'll.

With all interior decor milled in house for this specific location, Eighth and Roast houses a rustic Nashville atmosphere and a circulating list of various coffees. Roasted and sourced on location, you can count all the hands that have touched the fresh, aromatic beans. With coffee available for sale, the current lineup includes Costa Rican beans from the Sin Limites Reserve, the winner of the 2011 World Barista Championship. That's prime drinkin', if you ask me...

Thanks to one of the baristas and a close friend of mine, Ashley Sanfino, I had the privilege of learning the art of the 'Pour-Over' on a Kalita Wave. The first 30 seconds is called the bloom, a key element in the flavor development of specialty coffee. By pouring a slow stream of water down the center of the filter, an even extraction produces a fresh cup of coffee with more subtle flavor notes than a generic coffee maker.

I tried one of the Eighth and Roast seasonal beverages: Café Naranja. A yummy blend of Ecuador espresso, pulled over orange peel and local honey, shaken with coconut milk and ice, garnished with a fresh orange slice. I paired this cool drink with a Vegan Vee cinnamon cupcake. With small outdoor seating and a perfect morning pick-me-up, I recommend Eighth and Roast to those looking for a modernized, chic version of the everyday coffee indulgence.