Local Focus: Castilleja

March 7, 2016

Castilleja is a lifestyle & home decor store located in Edgehill Village in Nashville, Tennessee. I fell in love with this eclectic boutique years ago, and I'm so excited to share a peek inside. Texas native and owner, Liz Rose, finds joy in bringing the casual, cultural, and colorful style of the Southwest and other regions of the world to Nashville. Over the years, Castilleja has continued to expand its inventory: clothing and accessories, neon signs and candles, baby clothing and beautifully woven carpets, pillows and baskets, and so much more. Liz and Hayley, Castilleja's generous duo, fill the store with an abundance of love. You'll feel their overflowing kindness within moments of entering and see their joy for sharing cultures from around the world in every corner. Enjoy a short Q&A with Liz and Hayley below.

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CA: Tell me a little more about Castilleja.

HRM: Back around Christmas in 2013, Liz approached me and said she wanted to open a store. She wanted all the colorful and cultural things she could find in Texas in Nashville. Once Texans, always Texans and our homes reflect that. I was skeptical, thinking that another business venture was the last thing that she had time for. Liz writes full-time and owns a publishing company that she runs with my brother, Scott. I told her we’d do some research and see what opening a store would entail, and we’d go from there. After that, things just seemed to fall into place. We came up with a great name, my cousin, Drue Wagner, design an amazing logo, and the first space we looked at had everything we wanted. Edgehill Village had character, history, a neighborhood that we were all too familiar with, and extra outdoor space for us to do more than just be a shop. It was a hectic year of preparations and lessons learned, but in October of 2014, we opened in a temporary space next to Legato Gelato while we waited for our permanent space where we are now at the other end of the building.

CA: How has the city of Nashville affected your boutique?

HRM: While we are originally from Texas, we’ve called Nashville home for over twenty years. We know very well that there is not one type of Nashvillian, and we just try to do our thing and celebrate others who are doing theirs. 

CA: What is one of the most important experiences you’ve had throughout your career in the fashion industry?

HRM: Liz, Taylor, and I have just had so much learning to do about our industry. I think something that has been very important to us is when someone comes in and finds something that makes them happy. Whether it’s an awesome Townes Van Zandt shirt or a gorgeous flowy dress that makes them feel stylish and comfortable.  

CA: What is your hope for the success of Castilleja?

HRM: We just want to continue to contribute to the growth and heritage of this city. We want to make friends first and customers second. This is a place we always encourage people to just come and hang out. We’re working this year to plan more things in our outdoor spaces to really become that fun place to be. 

CA: Any exciting upcoming plans for Castilleja?

HRM: We have several events coming up this month including an in-store event with Lock & Key where we’ll have champagne, and you will be able to shop the collection and speak with Tony about creating a custom piece for you. That is on March 20th from 10:30am to 4pm. We’re also very excited for the second year of Edgehill Rocks on April 2nd. We’ll be hosting a special singer-songwriter stage during the event outdoors. And watch out for our big Garage Sale on March 19th.