Local Focus: Bone Feather

August 25, 2015

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, designer Brooke Hagaman has been crafting pieces by hand for years.  First, it was swimwear with a modernized vintage fit.  Now, it's locally sourced, handmade leather handbags that will make you jaw drop to the floor.  I played with two of her handbags HERE and HERE, but John and I jumped at the chance to spend the afternoon inside the Bone Feather studio at Track One, hearing Brooke's story and shamelessly smelling the giant rolls of leather swatches.  Enjoy a short Q&A with this extremely generous and talented designer below.  Click here to shop Bone Feather's latest pieces.

John Branam Photography

C: Tell me about Bone Feather.

B: Bone Feather transitioned from swimwear to handbags about three years ago.  I wanted a product that I could manufacture and source locally, unlike the swimwear that was being manufactured in New York City.

C: Where does your design inspiration come from?  Are you producing collections seasonally?

B: Inspiration usually comes from playing around with prototypes.  I'll make a handful of variations of one style before I decide on the final design.  Sometimes, I'll take old designs and rework them into something new.  I get inspired by new colors and new animal hides.  Working with new hides create a challenge for me.  I design new bags every season and keep some of the classics that people love but offer those classic styles in new colors. 

C: What is your hope for Bone Feather?

B: I hope to expand the company in the very near future and have our bags in stores all over the country.  Bigger collections are a plus!  Most people don't realize that all of the bags are made from start to finish here in Nashville and all of the leather and hardware are sourced locally supporting other local businesses.  There's pride in knowing that I can help support Nashville's community and be a part of it.  That's what I love about Nashville.  There's a sense of family and support that you can't get in bigger cities. 

C: What are the upcoming plans for Bone Feather?

B: The 2016 Spring/Summer Collection is currently in the works, as well as picking up some new stores.