Local Focus: Beija Flor Jeans

December 10, 2015

Beija Flor Jeans, the latest addition to Nashville's Edgehill Village, is a safe haven for ladies who fear the inevitable day of jean shopping. Beija Flor guarantees jeans that slim and shape and above all else, fit you perfectly. Gravity...meet your match. The award-winning Butt Lift design is no joke and defies gravity to accentuate your assets while giving you a higher, tighter and all around better bottom. The Nicole Skinny Butt Lifter Jeans have completely taken over my wardrobe as my ultimate new staple. Nicole's darted design cups and contours to create a universal booty boosting effect. Founded in South Carolina, Beija Flor's newest storefront is now located right here in Nashville, and I couldn't be happier! Schedule one-on-one consultations with Beija Flor's Fit Masters and shop their core and seasonal collections. Enjoy a short Q&A with Designer and Co-Founder Kathy Moca below. Click here to shop all the latest styles by Beija Flor Jeans.

John Branam Photography

CA: Tell me more about the history of Beija-Flor.

KM: Emilie and I started the company back in 2005. I had just returned home from a trip to Brazil (where my husband is from) and brought back a pair of jeans for Emilie made from Brazilian denim. She had just been through a rather traumatic experience trying to find a pair of premium jeans and could not find anything that fit her properly. The jeans I brought home fit like a glove. We started talking with other women and came to find out that many women hate shopping for jeans just as much as bathing suits; Emilie wasn’t alone in her experience. Most denim companies don’t take women’s bodies into consideration in the design process. We decided to change that and make women’s jeans for women’s bodies. We embrace the natural curves, rather than trying to fight against them. We have met hundreds of women over the past 10 years who tell us these are the first pair of jeans they’ve ever owned that actually fit them. 

CA: Why did you decide to open a store in Nashville?

KM: We are excited about growing into new markets and Nashville is the perfect opportunity for us to expand our retail presence. Nashville’s emerging designers are doing things differently and we think we fit right into that. This community embraces new talent and we are excited to become a part of the fabric of this city.  

CA: What is your hope for the success of Beija-Flor?

KM: We want women to look and feel their best. How many times have you left a dressing room with nothing because you felt badly about the way you looked in everything you tried on? We want our customers to feel empowered and beautiful when they leave our dressing rooms. We hope we can help all of those women who have never been able to wear jeans before find a pair that they love and feel great in. 

CA: How do you hope the Nashville community will embrace Beija-Flor?

KM: We are already experiencing the amazing Southern hospitality here! We had no idea what an incredibly warm welcome we would receive and we’ve only been here for two weeks! Emerging fashion and talent are what Nashville is known for and we hope that the community will look at us as one of those emerging fashion companies to embrace. 

CA: Any exciting upcoming plans for your new space?

KM: We are so excited about the Edgehill Village area. There are a lot of great things happening there (Warby Parker is opening this month; JCrew Men is coming soon). We are hoping to host a lot of Girls Night Out events and parties and really just get involved with the Nashville community in as many ways as we can.

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