Local Focus: Acme Feed & Seed

December 1, 2014

The newest addition to Lower Broadway is not only a beautiful representation of this city's history, but Acme Feed & Seed sheds light on Nashville's growth and exciting new future. Amongst the lively honky-tonks and various tourist traps, it's a refreshing new take on the downtown scene. Thanks to the Acme staff and Tomkats Hospitality, I had the privilege of touring restauranteur Tom Morales' 22,000 sq ft multi-purpose space with John on a rainy Sunday morning. Enjoy an in-depth look at your new favorite bar, with a special emphasis on the recently completed second floor and exciting new retail space.

Acme's first floor is home to two harmonious spaces. The Acme Farm Store is brimming with Nashville-based artisan goods. Imagine Nashville on crack...in the form of soap, poster prints, scarves, and hot sauce. It's awesome. Here you'll find companies like Miriam DesignsDCXV, and fashionABLE. This small boutique ushers beautifully into the first floor entertainment space. An enticing menu featuring "gourmet, street-food style cuisine" and two bars hosting 28 regional craft beers on tap are seamlessly completed with a stage for live music and spacious seating. Acme showcases not only the country history in Nashville, but the diverse genres also birthed from this city's music scene. I'm a big fan of the Mule Kicker cocktail, the Vegetable Garden salad, and the Lobro Sandwich.

An Entirely New Lower Broadway.

The second floor exudes an upscale honky-tonk vibe with vintage signs, antique church pews, and modern twists on old photographs and Nashville's musical history. Shuffleboard, arcade games, and intimate sectional seating create a comfortable and fun lounge atmosphere. Add the beautiful riverfront view and your evening is complete. This space is perfect for a sip of the Side Saddle cocktail and a bite of Sam Katakura's hand-rolled, authentic sushi. Now open!

John Branam Photography

Acme's third floor is home to The Hatchery, the largest private event space available on Lower Broadway with an open floor plan and obvious nod to the building's history. And finally, the fourth floor is where you find The View. Already well-known for it's spectacular sight of Lower Broadway and the Cumberland River, Acme's open-air rooftop bar is where you'll find the party, complete with DJ and weekday yoga.

Acme Feed & Seed isn't just another bar, and it's not just another restaurant. It's an inspired new addition to Nashville's famous downtown lineup, and it's being welcomed with open arms by all who visit. Later this week, I'll be sharing a Holiday Gift Guide featuring my favorite items from the Acme Farm Store. Be sure to follow Acme Nashville on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the latest updates on new cocktails, yummy bites, and musical happenings. Haven't visited yet? You're missing out.

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