KeVita Pomegranate

February 26, 2014

Photography by Cat Acree

Sipping on KeVita Sparkling Pomegranate Probiotic Drink

I'm happy to share another installment for KeVita Probiotic Drinks! I was allowing myself to adjust to the taste of coconut water, realizing it's actually really delicious. Then, this week's flavor was Pomegranate, without the coconut water, and I'm hooked all over again! Reminiscent of other sports drinks or flavored water, KeVita took the appreciated flavor of pomegranate and combined it with everything missing from your average sugar drink, adding osmosis water and healthy probiotic elements. Like the other KeVita products, this flavor is certified organic and non-GMO, low-calorie and sweetened with Stevia. Containing no added sugar, it's also vegan and dairy, lactose, and gluten free. To be as transluscent as possible, KeVita even offers each flavor's ingredients and nutritional facts on the website, for easy access and quick reading. Want to read more about the KeVita Product Family? Click here! More from me soon.