KeVita Pomegranate Coconut

February 19, 2014

Photography by Cat Acree

Sipping on KeVita Sparkling Pomegranate Coconut Probiotic Drink

It's all about your gut. KeVita Probiotic Drinks are filled with beneficial bacteria for supporting your immune system and improving your digestive health. Chemicals fill the shelves of your grocery store, constantly damaging your digestive process and diminishing healthy bacteria along the way. The certified organic and non-GMO recipe for KeVita turns everything around. With yummy flavors like Sparkling Pomegranate Coconut, KeVita drinks are low calorie, vegan, and dairy, lactose, and gluten free. When it comes to taste, Pomegranate Coconut has been my favorite, but each member of the KeVita product family produces the same results: Health and Wellness. Learn more about probiotics on the KeVita website by clicking here. More from me soon!