Caroline Margaret Studio is my styled Nashville experience.

Nashville has been my home since I was a little girl.  The people of this city have so much to offer, from craving quality craftsmanship to that classic Southern heart and generosity.  As this city blossoms, I hope to share as much of this experience as I can in a refreshing way.  This project is my way to illuminate those parts of my life in a bigger way than I ever have before.

Caroline Margaret Studio is my heart. It's a way to showcase every moment I love so dearly in the most honest and open way I possibly can. Thank you for wanting to take a peek.

Photographers have included John Branam Photography, Alden Allen, Adrian Morales of SnappylifestyleZipporah PhotographyShayne GarciaCodey LeeHannah GentilesAlyssa Torrech, Doug Barry of Stealth Productions, and Cat Acree.
Logo by Christopher Acree.